Get your guests to and from your event easily

Event passenger service

Managing numerous passengers can be a time-consuming and unnecessary chore for the production team. We supply on-site coordinators (marshals) to organise vehicles and minimise the risk of disruption.

Organising multiple travel itineraries is our forte with 30 years experience and proven systems in place we can handle your biggest events or shows.

We’ll also ensure that any requests made by your talent are carried out.

Trusted by the UK's most prestigious awards ceremonies and events

Three decades’ experience of award and event transportation

Main transport provider to Pride of Britain Awards since 2006

Low emission fleet, which supports your Albert mission

We have arranged and carried out event transportation for the following prestigious events:

pride of britain awards white
Animal Hero Awards
South Bank Sky Arts Awards logo

Happy event organisers

Our Events teams have used Simpsons cars for over 10 years. They are fantastic to work with and extremely efficient at all times. They are quite simply the only transport supplier that we trust to get the job done.
Senior Events Manager
Simpsons have provided transport for our annual awards ceremony since 2011. We know our guests are in safe hands with Simpsons, whom provide a professional and friendly service with great customer service.
Production Manager

Planning and executing your event schedule to perfection

Ensuring that your event runs smoothly by planning everything out for you in advance. No need to worry about your transportation on the day, we’ve got it all covered.


Pre-event logistics

On site logistics meeting prior to the event


Vehicle planning

Range of vehicles to suit your guests & needs



Complete passenger confidentiality assured


Competitive rates

Competitive, tailored rates to suit your budget


Booking reporting

Up to the minute cost reporting as bookings are made


Progress notifications

Automated notifications for every passenger’s progress on the day


On-site marshals

Free on-site marshal(s) to organise your cars


Rolling rank pick-ups

Rolling rank after the event to minimise waiting time and ensure there are always vehicles when you need them


Fast invoicing

Cost reports finalised the day after the event

Ensure that your event transport meets Albert standards

Getting that all-important Albert certification shows that you’re committed to protecting the environment. We will help you do this by:

  • Offering you the chance to encourage your passengers to carpool and reduce your emissions
  • Ensuring maximum fuel efficiency by regularly carefully maintaining our vehicles
  • Making the use of energy efficient (low carbon) electric, hybrid, and low-emissions vehicles a priority
  • Providing reliable transport across the UK, reducing the need for air travel
  • Reducing our emissions by using best driving practises

Get your guests to and from your event with no added stress

Get single quotes within minutes and full multiple itinerary quotes within hours by talking to our Craig or Tony, our managers, on 020 7739 7444 or by requesting a quote.

On time guarantee

100% no quibble guarantee that if we are 10 minutes late you get the journey free and your next equivalent London one free, too.*

Changing to a new supplier for any service is a big leap of faith. Let us make it easier by offering you a guarantee to show how good our service is.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some quick answers to the most common questions that come up. Have a read and let’s talk about them in more depth.

As many as you need. We have a multitude of full-time, part-time and occasional drivers, all checked and adequately insured. When we cover the large events, we organise our fleet in such a way that we have all of the necessary resources available to us and a few reserves on the day.

Easy: every time you make a new booking or amend an existing one, you will receive an updated cost report email on the hour.

Yes, provided that we are forewarned, we will send a pet-friendly car.

Yes, of course. As should every company in London.

We always text the passengers on arrival informing them of the driver’s name, vehicle make, model and registration along with a photograph of the driver. For stations and airports, they also receive the driver’s phone number. They just call the driver and tell them where they are waiting, and we will then drive to that spot to collect them.

Need more answers? Call us on 020 7739 7444 or send us a message here.

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