Simpsons supply cars to production staff right through to talent. Where required we supply an on site coordinator to make your show or event run smoothly, they have full control of the fleet and once on site control is passed over from our office, we have many years of experience in your type of sector and realise your needs as a customer, no more searching in the dark for your car, our coordinator lines them up and shows each passenger to their vehicle. ...
We operate a fleet of vehicles 24/7 ranging from Standard passenger cars to E class Mercedes, 7 Series BMW's and People carriers. We have years of experience and feel that we give that personal touch ...
Address: 2nd floor, 130-150 Hackney Road,
London, E2 7QL.

Phone: 020 7739 7444  |  020 7613 0066
Fax: 020 7739 9088